Skopelos beaches

Welcome to Skopelos!

Stafylos and Velanio: They are the closest beaches to Skopelos Town(4km).The first one is organized and it has a beach bar, a lifeguard and a restaurant and the other one is quiet and isolated and oversees only the big sea rocks that reach the sea and are covered with pine trees. Incredible! Yet this is Skopelos, the island of your dreams. You can reach Stafylos by car (but avoid it during July and August as it tends to be jammed with cars) or by bus whose bus stop is 300m away from the beach and you have to walk to the beach. At the far end of Stafylos beach there is a path that leads to Velanio, this amazing beach that has been attracted nudists since the 80s. Nature continues its miracles creating a natural crevice on the way to Agnontas, called the Dragon’s Crevice. According to legend, St.Riginos (the patron saint of the island whose monastery is also worth visiting), chased and killed the dragon who tormented the island’s inhabitants. Right next to it, there is a group of natural coves called Amarantos which you can reach through a dirt road if you turn left just before Agnontas. In this breathtaking natural scenery you too can get married and let the gentle breeze make your wedding dress flutter like Meryl Streep’s in Mamma Mia.

Agnontas is a small pebbly beach only 8km away from Skopelos Town and is an easily accessible solution where you can combine a quick swim and delicious specialties served with ouzo at the nearby ouzeris and taverns. Here, you can enjoy calamari ‘thrapsalo’, fresh fish and lobster spaghetti.

Limnonari: Ari’s lake (=limni) is only 5 minutes away from Agnontas. This is where a wild ravine reaches into the sea and you can explore it by snorkeling with Skopelos Dive Centre, a recently established centre.

Panormos: A very popular beach with Linarakia on the right and Blo, a natural harbour on the left, full of free sunbeds and umbrellas, restaurants and hotels. Swimming here makes you feel as if you are swimming in the middle of the Aegean Sea.



Adrines: Two small beaches close to Panormos, where Adrina Hotel is built. You can reach them through a narrow path next to a barbed wire.

Milia: This is considered by many the most beautiful beach of the island, and maybe even the most beautiful in the Sporades Islands. It is a long beach and you can either go to the beach bar where you can enjoy the sunset or go to the other side where there is a big rock for more private moments. There is also a restaurant and a spacious parking lot.

Kastani: This is the heart of the tourism promotion of the island thanks to the film Mamma Mia which was shot there. After the filming of Mamma Mia, it was enhanced with tourist facilities and now is the most cosmopolitan beach of the island, probably the one you’ll visit first. After that, you reach our apartments and our favourite beach that we’re sure you’ll love as well, called Hovolo, with white rocks and crystal blue waters, only a few meters away from Koromilia Villa. Here you can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset away from the crowded and noisy organized popular beaches. Swimming after the huge rock (which you can also climb) you can reach the neighbouring beaches, Ftelia, Neraki, Ekatopenintari and Megalo Pefko that are all natural harbours and theoretically only private boat owners have the privilege to enjoy. In our area, you can also have an amazing scuba diving experience at the small island Dassia and the sea cave ‘Galaria’, a natural canal that divides the island and looks like a scene from a pirate film. The route around the cape will take your breath away. The divers seem to virtually float above a forest of monoliths. Our apartments are located at the foot of mount Delphi where you can go hiking and enjoy its wonderful forest.

Finally, after Elios therea are more beaches such as Kalyves and Armenopetra and in about 10 minutes you can reach Glossa, the second largest village of the island and from there many remarkable northern beaches such as Perivoliou, Apethamenis and Chondrogiorgi.If you turn right just before entering Glossa, you’ll find the most picturesque little church of St.John to Kastri, perched on a sea monolith where the famous film was shot.

Enjoy your holidays!!